I Fixed 30 Depressed Years

I’d been depressed for almost all of gaming. Before I knew the term, I thought I was just sad, however it never went away.

My life was filled up with reasons to be depressed – abusive parents, mentally ill mother, and much more. But this went beyond. I spent hours weekly thinking of methods to kill myself.

“Depression is regarded as the unpleasant thing I have ever experienced. It is that shortage of being able to envisage that you’ll ever be cheerful again. The lack of hope.” – J.K. Rowling

I tried meditation, personal-growth seminars, positive thinking, take your pick. My mood would change temporarily, though the all-too-familiar depression always returned.

Have you ever stood a problem you couldn’t solve, it doesn’t matter what you tried?

The Unlikely Source of My Solution

Somewhere in most of this, I had written articles for the newsletter from the fitness club where I worked. It was on insulin resistance. A woman walked in, clutching this article, and demanded a scheduled visit with the author.

So that’s how I met This Woman. She worked drug addicts and alcoholics and kept them successfully in recovery using the effects of foods on his or her brain chemistry.

Fascinating, right? I learned all I could from her, then started studying by myself. Little information was positioned on the topic – it was a long time ago – but I kept reading.

I’ve never been dependent on drugs or alcohol, but started make adjustments to my own diet. My situation starting evolving.

One morning, for instance, as I waited for my own training client to reach, I noticed I was feeling… fabulous. No other word for doing this. I’d never felt that good before.

Things kept improving. My health improved. I not caught colds, got the flu, or had other nuisance medical issues. The monthly pain I had had to deal with virtually disappeared.

And the Depression?

Sometime later, I appeared in a fitness seminar with others – mostly women – who mentioned their “down” moods and moodiness. That day, I realized I never felt depressed anymore. Never thought concerning this, never worried over it. It was no more part of my entire life.

Needless to state, I don’t miss it.

Now I have a PhD in how foods affect brain chem, and I use my powers for great! I’ve helped many clients with physical health problems – but have likewise helped my clients reverse anxiety, depression, poor focus, and swift changes in moods. Over time, I’ve caused it to be easier and easier to help them to do.