Atorvastatin The Highly Potent Cholesterol Devourer


Human body is comprising of various natural ingredients among which cholesterol is a waxy body which carries the major responsibilities like formation of cell membrane, respiration of various required vitamins, digestion of consumed food and the well conversion of sun shine in to vitamin D form. So it can be equivalent to a cooperative ingredient of our body. But it is well said that excess of anything is bad. So if this very useful and beneficial content crosses the determined level and starts enhancing rapidly then it may cause our heart and body to confront with certain syndromes like high cholesterol level. Cholesterol when raises beyond the body’s tolerated capacity then it may create certain symptoms like hypertension and congestive heart failure in a consecutive reciprocal phenomenon. So at that time it endangers our life cycle by standing as a hindrance in the way of operational movement. At that time it will be hard and difficult enough for us to control the symptom. So it is advisable to take a preventive medication or a drug that can successfully act on the situation to diminish the high cholesterol level. Atorvastatin can be the justified as one which is found triumphant over the situation and can regulate the degree of high cholesterol. It is a drug purely made and constructed for oral consumption. Atorvastatin comes under the statin categorized drug whose principal mechanism acts to lower fat level by blocking HMG-CoA reductase the concerned enzyme meant for cholesterol production. So when the drug impacts on the particular originator thus it can be victorious over the control of heart diseases. The degree of success and the satisfaction list made it to be approved by FDA in December 1996.Atorvastatin is also found to be elaborated in to generic forms to make it more economical. Both the creative forms can be availed by proper prescribed prescription in a divided proportion of 10, 20, 40 and 80mg packs. This drug is also found easy to store as can be kept fresh and effective in normal room temperature of 20-25c, but in a conditional state of prohibition from air and moist. This drug has also been a successful one as a prescribed prevention from angina, stroke and fatal attacks of heart. The usual prescribed dosage of the said medicament is once in a day. The degree of intake dosage can be started from a level of as low as 10-20mg per day in accordance to check the compatibility with the body where the maximum dosage can be enhanced up to a level of 80mg per day if found suitable to control the raised symptoms with no significant side effects. Pregnant ladies and nursing mothers should cut their path away from the drug consumption and conduction as may harm them in certain ways. As a well endured prescribed medicament it shows very little adverse effects in rare cases. The very minor reflections caused due to the intake can be constipation, diarehea, fatigue, gastric and burning sensation in heart area. But these are really minor in effect and the drug intake should not be regulated by these factors.

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