Truth About Cholesterol in Eggs


Eggs also go well with bacon, ham and sausage. A fresh green salad would be incomplete without a hardboiled egg. As time goes by, eggs has proven it’s not just a breakfast buddy and showed its versatility by being the most sought after ingredient in numerous kinds of recipes. A lot of our all-time favorite dishes would be inexistent like cakes, cookies and brownies if it wasn’t for eggs. Several countries also have their own innovative recipes using eggs. Chinese steamed eggs is a home-style dish where the eggs are beaten in consistency and then steamed. This is a common dish and is found all over China. Japan’s Chawanmushi which literally means tea cup steam is an egg custard dish that is made of egg mixture seasoned with soy sauce, dashi, mirin and other ingredients and is placed in a tea cup container. This dish is somewhat similar to China’s steamed egg but may often differ in toppings used. Scotch eggs which originated from London is a hardboiled egg, wrapped in a sausage, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried is also a proof of egg’s adaptability. Regardless of its popularity in many countries as an important item in the kitchen, some people think there should be precautions in the use of eggs in our daily diet.

A study revealed that eggs are not just a rich source of protein, but also abundant in cholesterol. According to Mayo Clinic, one large egg contains approximately 213 mg of cholesterol-all of which are found in the egg yolk. A healthy person has a cholesterol limit of 300 mg a day while people with heart diseases, diabetes or high cholesterol should limit their cholesterol intake to less than 200 mg which is less than one large egg. Those who are health conscious, they prefer to remove the egg yolk and use the egg white instead because the egg whites do not have cholesterol. For those who are a big fan of egg yolks, they are recommended to limit the intake of other cholesterol sources throughout the day to avoid increase in cholesterol level. But egg enthusiasts; fret no more, as a recent article by CBS News revealed that eggs are really not bad after all.

A recent study by government research shows that the amount of cholesterol found on eggs is actually 14% lower and 64% richer in Vitamin D compared to what was actually thought. One large egg in fact contains 185 mg of cholesterol instead of 213mg which is lower than the maximum value for people with heart diseases. The best way to enjoy your eggs is to avoid pairing them with meat. Instead substitute serving of meat with vegetables because cholesterol is mostly balanced diet. So satisfy your egg cravings without the cholesterol in egg scare. Found in animal protein. Plant based foods and eggs actually make a good team for a healthy and balanced diet. So satisfy your egg cravings without the cholesterol in egg scare.

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